Logistic Services


Piombino Logistics has a great experience in handling both stowed goods (such as solid bulk, project cargo, steel products) and packaged products transiting through Piombino Port. Thanks to its 500 mt of quays, 35 km of tracks directly connected to the national rail network, 280,000 mq of storage areas, the company has a complete multimodal platform (road, rail, ship) able to provide its customers with a full range of services, such as ship loading and unloading activities, materials’ storage, handling and transport.

JSW Steel Italy controls the companies JSW Steel Piombino, GSI Lucchini and Piombino Logistics. It is part of the JSW Group: Indian steel leader, also present in Europe and America, active in the steel, energy, infrastructure, ventures and cement businesses. The JSW Group is also active in the life of people with the JSW Foundation, sustainability projects and sports.


Piombino Logistics
Spa - ISO 45001:2018

Piombino Logistics
Spa - ISO 9001:2015

Piombino Logistics
Spa - ISO 14001:2015

Ethical Code

Port Terminal

We have a Terminal at the port of Piombino (Italy) under exclusive concession. The Terminal consists of two docks and a "Dockyard". The structure, equipped with about 500 mt of linear quay with 12 meters of draft, allows to accommodate several ships, with a maximum tonnage of 76,000 tonnes, at the same time.

Thanks to the competence of the staff and the availability of suitable equipment’s, we can to guarantee high quality standards in the loading and unloading of steel (coils, semi-finished products, sheets, rails, pipes, bars, billets, blooms, wire rods) and bulk products (scrap, minerals and bulk in general).

We guarantee the safety of both the ship cargo and their crews thanks to custom tailored procedures. We can to provide a survey service, our highly qualified experts will report the conditions of the material with a photographic shoot. We can provide additional services such as: subdivision of the material according to the quality, size and destination; Labelling, packaging, qualitative controls.

Port Terminal Strengths

Reduce time of ship operations

Possibility of working SHINC (Sunday, Holiday Included), reducing the time of the ships operations

Direct connection with the railway network

Rail tracks running along the docksides, directly connected to the national rail network, allowing fast relaying of discharged materials without further handling

Special Equipment’s

Special equipment’s thanks to which we are able to satisfy customers’ need


High experience and professionalism

Multi Modal Platform

Piombino Logistics has a multimodal platform through which it can provide a customized transport service by combining, if necessary, different vectors and ensuring complete control of the shipment until the final delivery. Handling operations are carried out with specific equipment’s that can guarantee the integrity of the product.

Strategic Position in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea

The strategic position in the heart of the Mediterranean allows Piombino Logistics to exploit the world's leading ship routes and to be the natural tie with the countries that lie in southern Europe.

Goods Management

These areas are designed in order to guarantee the conservation of each type of material according to specific requirements and at the same time to facilitate all the entry/hadling/ transport operations. Each area has all the necessary equipment’s to load, unload, move goods respecting safety and quality. We carry out all the operations related to storage: receipt of goods, issuance of documents, management and control of deposits, final delivery of goods.

Multimodal Terminal

Piombino Logistics is able to carry out all the classic activities of a multimodal logistic terminal such as customs procedures related to the entry and exit of goods from the port, the activity of transshipment and handling, weighing, product control, storage and transport. The port facilities, the presence of a 35 km railway link to the national rail network and the storage area qualify the company as a complete multimodal platform: road-rail-ship.


Piombino Logistics pays a great deal of attention to carrying out its activities by pursuing high standards of quality, safety and low environmental impact. We are certified UNI EN ISO 9001 for logistics services for goods handling by road, rail and sea.


  • Port Cranes
  • Locomotors / locators and wagons for handling inside the platform
  • Special equipment for safe handling of all types of goods (rail grips, electro-hydraulic spiders, magnets, etc)
  • Complete range of material handling machines (forklifts, wheel loaders, bobcats and dumpers)

Geographic Indications

  • CONT/BALT Rotterdam 2303 mm Oslo 2800 mm
  • BLACK SEA Istanbul 1183 mm
  • RED SEA/PG Jeddah (via Suez) 2028 mm Dubai (via Suez) 4259 mm
  • WEST AFRICA Casablanca 1067 mm Dakar 2383 mm Cape Town 5938 mm
  • USEC/USG/WCUS New York 4057 mm Houston 5643 mm
  • Los Angeles (via Panama) 8155 mm
  • ECSA/WCSA Maracaibo 4767 mm Santos 5248 mm
  • Buenos Aires 6149 mm Callao (via Panama) 6594 mm
  • FEAST Singapore (via Suez) 6443 mm Shangai (via Suez) 8632 mm
  • North of italy 400 km (Torino, Milano, Venezia)
  • South of italy 500 km (Napoli)
  • Center of italy 150 km (Firenze, Siena, Ancona)
  • Torino (TO) 450 km
  • Parma (PR) 280 km
  • Maddaloni-Marcianise (CE) 450 km
  • Pescara (PE) 470 km
  • Milano/Melzo Terminal 350 km
  • Amburgo (D) via Milano/Melzo 1500 km
  • Varsavia (PL) via Milano/Melzo 1600 km
  • Crailo-Hilversum (NL) 1500 km
  • Hagendorf (CH) 700 km