GSI Lucchini


GSI LUCCHINI S.p.A. based in Italy, is part of JSW Steel Group and is a European leader in the manufacturing of Steel Forged Grinding Media mainly for the mining industry. Thanks to over 45 years of manufacturing expertise and knowledge, GSI Lucchini provides the best solutions for grinding applications.

The high quality of the grinding balls produced in Piombino Plant, together with the top customer service meets the most demanding markets such as mining industry and various mill grinding sectors.

The high Carbon alloyed steel bars are forged into balls and processed to give a uniform metallurgical structure. The high hardness structure combines excellent abrasion resistance with the toughness needed to resist breakage during the milling operation. Chemistry and heat treatment can be customized to best fit the application needs of the end users.

The availability of raw material at site and the high production capacity enable GSI Lucchini to supply to the market considerable amounts of grinding media with a very short lead time.


Products & Services

Ball Diameter Nominal Ball Weight Nominal Number of Balls Per Ton
mm g nr/t
20 33 30.303
25 64 15.625
30 111 9.009
35 176 5.682
40 263 3.802
50 514 1.946
60 888 1.126
70 1410 709
80 2104 475
90 2996 334
100 4110 243
110 5471 183
125 8028 125
130 9030 111

Manufacturing & Quality

  • Maximum two (2) percent in normal and correct mill operating conditions.
  • Replacement free of charge of any quantity in excess of two (2) percent found to be broken for causes not related to incorrect mill operating conditions.
  • This guarantee also applies to any misshapen new balls supplied.
  • For normal and correct operating conditions it is meant that the mill should not be operated with such a low level of material to be ground that severe ball-to-ball contact occurs without the cushioning effect normally given by the material.
  • Severe ball-to-ball contact can be generally detected by the formation of stress induced martensite on the surface of the balls and/or by the increase of hardness, with possible formation of cracks, on the exposed surface layers of the fragments.
Quality Range Hardness Rockwell C (HRC)
Full Hardness 60 – 65 high abrasion
Intermediate Hardness 55 – 60 combining impact and abrasion resistance
Reduced Hardness 48 – 55 high impact


Mining Industry
Cement Industry
Refractory Industry
Power Plant
Gazbeton Industry